Saturday, August 29, 2015


Looks like my four month wait is over. 
I can't believe how quickly four months turned into four short days!! 

On Wednesday, I'll walk into the Missionary Training Center in Utah and will finally get my name tag! I'll spend less than two weeks there learning and practicing my teaching skills before being shipped to Idaho for the next 18 months. If you don't believe me when I say that I'm stoked out of my mind, maybe these pictures will convince you-

You bet I'll be seeing a lot of tractors in Idaho!!

Much thanks to my momma.
Without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today and definitely wouldn't be going on a mission.

If you can't tell, I love this book. 
It's changed my life in so many ways and has brought me so much closer to my Savior. I can't wait to teach from it everyday so that others can experience the same change in their own life and feel the happiness that comes from having a personal relationship with Christ.

Bring it on Idaho. Give me everything you got.

Stay tuned for more stories and crazy adventures once I get to Idaho!