Monday, July 25, 2016

We ate bugs...

Sister Christensen and I. We got the hook ups.

It was so awesome to be able to spend the entire week in our area with my companion. I just love her :) We have so much fun together!

Let me just tell you about all the amazing people in my life. First being one of the members of our YSA ward- Devan. He returned from his mission in November and we literally call on him for everything!! This week he brought our investigator, Amoni to church! Amoni is from Congo and doesn't understand very much english. But as he reads his Swahili Book of Mormon, he knows that it is true! Even though he doesn't understand us in lessons, he knows that the Spirit is what truly makes him happy. His response to any question or comment is "Yes.. Good..." hahahaa that is it. He is so humble and so kind.

We also picked up two new investigators in our YSA ward- Isaac and Joaquin!! We ate dinner with them and Annie from the ward came too!! Isaac made loompia (yeah... I don't know how you spell it but its Filipino!!) AND WE ATE BUGS! They are chinese weevils and they are supposed to have a lot of healing properties and give you natural energy. Hahahahahaa I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Isaac put 10 in a cup and then put some water in it. I was super hesitant to drink it but he goes "Hurry hurry!! You can't let them drown! You have to drink them alive!!" So Sister Christensen and I freaked out and then drank it super fast hahaa It all happened way too fast and I'm not sure I liked the feeling of creepy crawlies on the roof of my mouth, but it was a once in a lifetime experience!!

After dinner, we shared a message from the scriptures about service and the light of Christ and somehow Isaac got to the topic of prophets. We taught and testified of needing prophets today and invited them to learn more and they were all about it!! Ah man, I just love this work! It has brought me closer to God and I am so grateful that I have been able to witness and help others do the same.

One night after planning and a long day in the heat, Sister Christensen goes "All I want right now is a popsicle!!!" I was looking out our front window and lo and behold- "Well guess who's here!!" Brother Brown, one of our Ward Mission Leaders brought us free popsicles from the ice cream truck! Picture attached :)

Happy Days Ahead :) :)

Sister Boyce

Monday, July 18, 2016

Tan Lines and Converts

So some quick updates in my life:

1. I HAVE A WATCH TAN LINE and couldnt be prouder of it:) We spent a lot of our day in Hagerman on exchanges walking and I was FRIED.
2. Chick-fil-A had a cow appreciation day and we got caught in all the mayhem. LOTS of people saw our tags that day because we were the only ones not dressed like cows hahaa and I've introduced Sister Christensen to frosted lemonade...
3. Emails starting next week will only be for an hour. I REPEAT ONE HOUR!
4. Last night, we visited with the Bishop in one of our new wards. He commented that he is grateful to have normal, upbeat, outgoing missionaries. Guess what folks, I'M APPARENTLY STILL NORMAL!! hahahaa maybe it's just because we are serving in a YSA. :)

Kelsey Johnson- She's a new investigator this week! She has three little girls and her husband (well, soon to be married...) isn't a member either! They were taught in Hansen, but never baptized. She wants to be baptized and told us yesterday that she was SO grateful we invited her to church because she wouldn't have been able to do it on her own! She has cancer and a lot of health complications, but knows how the Savior has played a role in all of it! She has seen miracles!

Fahlsings- Brother Fahlsing had his interview with the Mission President and all went well!! Now we wait for First Presidency approval!! We stopped by to see them the other night and they were working on their car. They said they were saving up to get new brakes. They don't have much, but they give it all. I am sure if they didn't spend their time serving others and giving money to others who need it more than they, they would probably have the money to spend on new brakes. I JUST LOVE THEM!! All they do is serve!! And Sister Fahlsing is already being such a great missionary with her family!!

Isaac and Joaquin- They are potential investigators in our YSA ward and they cousins. They are the biggest clowns I think I've ever met!!! Cam- you'd get a kick out of this guy hahaha one of them has CRAZY dreds hahahaa (can you guess by their names which one it is?) Joaquin said something super blonde and he said he was blonde before he stuck a fork in the socket. hahahahahahaa pointing to his hair he said his dreds were the result hahaha

JACK BLESSED THE SACRAMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY!! Being able to witness that was such a special blessing. He is so great and SO converted. This is one that will never fall away. His example is one that I constantly look to. I hope to be more like him when I grow up :)

Love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!

Happy Days Ahead,

Sister Boyce

Monday, July 11, 2016


This week was a good one:) I spent a lot of time out of our area, so I am happy to be back and have almost a full week here!!

To celebrate Independence day, our district had a BBQ at the church and played games on the field! I love these missionaries!

Tuesday, Sister Christensen and I drove into Boise for Missionary Leadership Council. WE BREACHED THE PERIMETER!! We videoed as we drove past the usual Mountain Home exit, which is the farthest West I have ever been in the mission! IS THIS REALLY ALLOWED!?! hahaha it was so fun! Everyone had told us that we would know which exit we were supposed to take to get to the mission office because the underpass was so big, it even had lights. that's when you know that these people have never been to a real city. IT EVEN HAS LIGHTS!! hahaha we left at 9 am and got home at 8 pm... what a day. But the training was great. Our new Mission President, President Bartlett, is all about rules. He has helped me see obedience to all of the commandments, including the missionary handbook, in a completely different light!

On Wednesday, we exchanged with FILER!! I was so happy to be back:) The Filer sisters are in a trio, so Sister Nelson (my last comp :) ), Sister Whaley, and I had a great day filled with so many miracles. Meanwhile, Sister Christensen and Sister Starkey had a finding miracle. They were driving to contact a family, and Sister Christensen felt the need to stop and talk to a girl sitting on the front porch of a house they passed. Her name is Emily, and she had met my old zone leaders in the south stake. She is at a seriously low place in her life and struggling with addictions. The gospel of Jesus Christ can help all of that! The shame, the guilt, the addictions, EVERYTHING that she was facing could be covered by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She said that she needed to change her life around. Those that are ready for a change in their life are the ones that we seek. They are prepared. I can't wait to meet this girl.

Saturday afternoon was also filled with miracles. We went to contact a YSA referral. We knocked on the door and a lady answered. She welcomed us in. As we talked with her, it became evident that this was not where the YSA referral, Amani, lived. But it was also as equally evident that we were there by coincidence. She thought that the Bishop of the family ward there had sent us. She said that the two granddaughters that were living with her, one was baptized and the other was not. She too said that she has thought about becoming a member and all she would have to do is give up coffee! We were in awe as we left their home. They too had been prepared. We walked out and found that we had knocked on the wrong number house!! hahaa we searched for Amani's actual house and could find him. As we walked back to the car, we made a comment that we just needed to talk to the Elders in that area to see what was up. AND LO AND BEHOLD THEY WERE ACROSS THE STREET. AND THEY KNEW AMANI. We have been so blessed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experiences! Thank you for your influence in my life. Without it, I would not be where I am today. Love you all!!

happy days ahead :)
Sister Boyce

 ^^Our Zone Leaders, Elders Wihongi and Nilsson cooking up a storm!!
 ^^after district games :)
 ^^NORTH ZONE REPRESENT - at our new Boise Mission Office:)
^^north zone prideeee

Monday, July 4, 2016

10 months, 2 baptisms, 1 day

Saturday, July 2nd, marked Sister Christensen and I's 10 months on the mission!! And I honestly can't think of a better way to celebrate 10 months than having 2 baptisms in 1 day!

First, let's back up a bit hahaa We had the some of the REALEST days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday we had exchanges with the TF Temple sisters and Sister Merrell came to our area. We met with one of the investigators from one of our new wards, Tom Smith, and he said that once he knows that the Book of Mormon is true, he will be baptized! He's an older man and has been meeting with missionaries FOREVER but we are going to try and set a baptismal date with him this week to put his faith to the test!! Later that night, we set a baptismal date with Eli Jensen, for August 27th! (AND HE CAME TO JACK'S BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!! :) ) His wife is a member and returning to activity!

Then on Thursday, we had some pretty cool experiences with people being placed in our path. We were finishing up some planning at the church before our last lesson with Kaleb. There was a lady down at the other side of the church field. We decided to go and talk to her. The first thing she asked us was if we could pray for her. Come to find out that she took lessons from missionaries in California before she moved here and hasn't seen missionaries since! She said, "You know, you start meeting with missionaries and praying and your life starts changing." She might have to be taught by the Hermanas, but still a super cool experience. Then we went to Little Ceasar's for dinner because the member that was feeding us was going to be out of town. There was a young man sitting outside the shop and we offered him some pizza. He gladly accepted. We asked if there was any way we could help him and he said no. We testified of how much the Savior has helped us in our lives and how He can help us in any of our situations. There are so many people all around that don't know who the Savior is. It is our responsibility to help and invite those people to make changes so that they can know and feel and ACT for themselves upon the enabling and freeing power of His infinite Atonement.

Jack's baptism was incredible. It was so Spirit-filled. He is one amazing young man and has been completely prepared for this time. Brother Pulliam, the Young Men's President, said that Jack was an answer to many prayers. I know he was definitely an answer to mine. As we sang the closing hymn, I was having a hard time leading the music. My heart was so full of gratitude to have been able to witness the miracle of seeing Jack baptized. As he made covenants with our Heavenly Father and left behind his old life, I just know that there are big things ahead of him. And I almost hugged him... hahahaa it took so much for me not to.

Kaleb's baptism was so great too. He is so pure and such a great example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ and finding JOY despite his family situation. He is one of a kind.

They were both confirmed on Sunday morning and Jack was ordained to the priesthood by his best friend. Our ward has a temple trip on Thursday and someone approached Jack to ask if they could get together to get a name for him to take to do proxy baptisms for. His response was, "ohh I already have two names!!" HE'S STRAIGHT GOLD. I'll be back here in a year for his farewell :)

Happy 4th of July!! This nation founded was founded "In God We Trust." I hope you are able to thank God for the many freedoms that you enjoy in this great country!

Sister Boyce