Monday, January 30, 2017

change - the only constant and the purpose and life

Here's what you get for today!! Some exciting news!
Love you all! Thanks for making me the person I am today :)

Happy Days Ahead

NOTE FROM HER SISTER, CARLY: Sister Boyce emailed an audio recording and I can't figure out how to attach it! The exciting news is that last week during the world wide missionary broadcast new changes were announced to their schedule (they get two extra hours on p-day, they can go to bed earlier at 9:30 if they want, plus a host of other things), and they have new key indicators (4 instead of 9 - the new ones are 1 baptized and confirmed, 2 baptismal date set, 3 people that attended sacrament meeting, 4 new investigators).

Thanks for supporting Sister Boyce! She is so thankful for you all!

Monday, January 23, 2017

foothills and luxury heights

This area. I'm dying!! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!! most of our area is actually in the foothills. one ward is just a small community up in the valley of the foothills where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Its exhausting trying to be perfect hahahaa but look up Hidden springs on Google earth. the houses are MANSIONS!! but the members are amazing. So ready and willing to help. Boise 13th ward is WAY different. You still have some that are stupid rich, but it ranges all the way down to the three homeless shelters in our ward. this area is going to be AMAZING!! not much work going on currently, but no better time to tap into that potential than with a whitewash. we are ready and excited! Sister Rees is DARLING! two redheads taking over Boise!! We are going to light it on FIRE! Our mantra for this transfer is "Let's make it happen!" We can do whatever we want in this area. We create the culture and the we know that there are many miracles to be seen in the next couple of weeks. :) She is from Las Vegas (so was my trainer the first six weeks.. :) ) and has been out for six months. She spent all 6 in Jerome, so this is big city living again for her! She also attended BYU for a year after me, so i know ill be seeing her again:)

Our house is TINY!! hahahahaa we guessed about 15x20... This is Sister Rees laying on our floor. She's about 5 foot 2 so you can kinda see what its like based on her size hahahaa

Last night we met one of our investigators for the first time. His name is Carl Alexander and he lives at the Mission (men's homeless shelter). He is AWESOME! The sisters set a date with him for Feb 18. He really recognizes the Spirit. He has a pretty rough past, but is finding himself as he finds the Savior. We took what we learned in district meeting and applied it in our lesson with him. We read Alma 7 and it was a POWERFUL lesson. I really do believe that because of my time here, my nature has changed and I have become more like Christ. It comes easier now, because He has become a bigger part of who I am, to represent Him at all times. For that, I will be forever grateful.

happy days ahead

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I am being transferred for my last transfer to BOISE 2!! It covers part of downtown Boise, and I'm STOKED!! My new companion will be Sister Rees. I will train her as a new STL and we will be whitewashing! I am seriously going to miss this area that I have grown to love so much with my two Poly companions that have made this transfer so much fun. :) But I know this is what the Lord wants for me!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Crazy weather here in Boise!


I am ready to be out and about, preaching the good word. All day Wednesday we walked. and fell. and walked some more hahahaa and we had a PARTY doing it!! Saturday and Sunday when we had to walk more, we were not as enthused. But still in good spirits. No one wanted to have us hahaa but we pushed out lots of cars and shoveled mountains of snow. Gotta love Boise Central!

I'll send some pictures next week!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"The Spirit breaks down any language barriers"

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! For us to be safe, on New Years and Halloween we had to be in our apartment by 6:30. So since my companion, Sister Tokia, doesn't know how to cook hahahaa she wants me to teach her some things. We spent the night planning, updating area books, doing progress records, and then baking pumpkin muffins :) We are actually now in a trio with Sister Fanga'iuiha from Honolulu, Hawaii for the rest of the transfer because her companion went home.... two polys. it's been SUCH a party hahaa and we laugh literally all day long!! im like the most palangi companion ever so we make quite the team hahahaa we are covering 5 wards and its been MADNESS. but i love it :)

Also, you are all going to have to forgive me.... I am still trying to catch up on Birthday emails. AND ITS JANUARY. So please, bear with me if you haven't heard back.

This week, I really have learned that the Spirit breaks down any language barriers. We attended the Spanish Elders baptism on Saturday. And even though I could only understand about a third of what was being said, the spirit was super strong. And it brought to my remembrance many words that I had forgotten. By two companions don't speak a lick (oh my gosh. that's an Idaho phrase for ya...) of Spanish, but they both said they felt the Spirit super strongly too.

Then on Sunday, we went to see our favorite Burmese family <3 and the Spirit testified to me that they are learning and progressing. They read what we left with them and believe that it is true!!

happy days ahead :)

Sister Boyce