Monday, July 18, 2016

Tan Lines and Converts

So some quick updates in my life:

1. I HAVE A WATCH TAN LINE and couldnt be prouder of it:) We spent a lot of our day in Hagerman on exchanges walking and I was FRIED.
2. Chick-fil-A had a cow appreciation day and we got caught in all the mayhem. LOTS of people saw our tags that day because we were the only ones not dressed like cows hahaa and I've introduced Sister Christensen to frosted lemonade...
3. Emails starting next week will only be for an hour. I REPEAT ONE HOUR!
4. Last night, we visited with the Bishop in one of our new wards. He commented that he is grateful to have normal, upbeat, outgoing missionaries. Guess what folks, I'M APPARENTLY STILL NORMAL!! hahahaa maybe it's just because we are serving in a YSA. :)

Kelsey Johnson- She's a new investigator this week! She has three little girls and her husband (well, soon to be married...) isn't a member either! They were taught in Hansen, but never baptized. She wants to be baptized and told us yesterday that she was SO grateful we invited her to church because she wouldn't have been able to do it on her own! She has cancer and a lot of health complications, but knows how the Savior has played a role in all of it! She has seen miracles!

Fahlsings- Brother Fahlsing had his interview with the Mission President and all went well!! Now we wait for First Presidency approval!! We stopped by to see them the other night and they were working on their car. They said they were saving up to get new brakes. They don't have much, but they give it all. I am sure if they didn't spend their time serving others and giving money to others who need it more than they, they would probably have the money to spend on new brakes. I JUST LOVE THEM!! All they do is serve!! And Sister Fahlsing is already being such a great missionary with her family!!

Isaac and Joaquin- They are potential investigators in our YSA ward and they cousins. They are the biggest clowns I think I've ever met!!! Cam- you'd get a kick out of this guy hahaha one of them has CRAZY dreds hahahaa (can you guess by their names which one it is?) Joaquin said something super blonde and he said he was blonde before he stuck a fork in the socket. hahahahahahaa pointing to his hair he said his dreds were the result hahaha

JACK BLESSED THE SACRAMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY!! Being able to witness that was such a special blessing. He is so great and SO converted. This is one that will never fall away. His example is one that I constantly look to. I hope to be more like him when I grow up :)

Love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!

Happy Days Ahead,

Sister Boyce

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