Monday, July 25, 2016

We ate bugs...

Sister Christensen and I. We got the hook ups.

It was so awesome to be able to spend the entire week in our area with my companion. I just love her :) We have so much fun together!

Let me just tell you about all the amazing people in my life. First being one of the members of our YSA ward- Devan. He returned from his mission in November and we literally call on him for everything!! This week he brought our investigator, Amoni to church! Amoni is from Congo and doesn't understand very much english. But as he reads his Swahili Book of Mormon, he knows that it is true! Even though he doesn't understand us in lessons, he knows that the Spirit is what truly makes him happy. His response to any question or comment is "Yes.. Good..." hahahaa that is it. He is so humble and so kind.

We also picked up two new investigators in our YSA ward- Isaac and Joaquin!! We ate dinner with them and Annie from the ward came too!! Isaac made loompia (yeah... I don't know how you spell it but its Filipino!!) AND WE ATE BUGS! They are chinese weevils and they are supposed to have a lot of healing properties and give you natural energy. Hahahahahaa I haven't laughed so hard in a while! Isaac put 10 in a cup and then put some water in it. I was super hesitant to drink it but he goes "Hurry hurry!! You can't let them drown! You have to drink them alive!!" So Sister Christensen and I freaked out and then drank it super fast hahaa It all happened way too fast and I'm not sure I liked the feeling of creepy crawlies on the roof of my mouth, but it was a once in a lifetime experience!!

After dinner, we shared a message from the scriptures about service and the light of Christ and somehow Isaac got to the topic of prophets. We taught and testified of needing prophets today and invited them to learn more and they were all about it!! Ah man, I just love this work! It has brought me closer to God and I am so grateful that I have been able to witness and help others do the same.

One night after planning and a long day in the heat, Sister Christensen goes "All I want right now is a popsicle!!!" I was looking out our front window and lo and behold- "Well guess who's here!!" Brother Brown, one of our Ward Mission Leaders brought us free popsicles from the ice cream truck! Picture attached :)

Happy Days Ahead :) :)

Sister Boyce

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