Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 2 Letter and Pictures


Kay so time is short today but I'll give you the quick low down on my second week here in the MTC!!

The two people we are teaching right now in the MTC are AWESOME!! Mark (one of our teachers but keeps character) is so cool. He has accepted to be baptized and has so much faith! Sister Miller and I have taught him four times and. This was kind of our trial run before we taught Lisa Chamberlain in TRC! dont really know what that stands for but its where we teach people we've never met haha. She's amazing. Her first lesson was really hard because she didn't believe in God. But our third lesson with her that we had last night went really well. I LOVE THIS WORK! Every lesson, and study time, and prayer is for the people we are teaching. I love giving 100 percent of myself to this work because it is amazing how happy you can be when your life is focused on other people.

This MTC experience has been really good. But don't be fooled. It's also been hard. I just want the best for all of these people we teach and am sad when they aren't receptive to it. But all of those hard things are just making me a better missionary, bit by bit and pretty slowly because I'm kind of stubborn. But I've also learned that those hard things have helped me better know that this is God's work. Not mine. I will do my very best and rely on Him to make up the difference.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK- Character of Christ. Christ exudes everything I want to become. He is our greatest example because every time the natural man would turn inward, Christ turns out. I am so thankful for Him and my knowledge of the Atonement! (more on that next week)

Today we went to the Provo temple. SO COOL! And then Sister Miller and I played basketball with the boys in our district. The Elders all call me Sister Moist... one kid actually thought that was my name... hahaha I love my comp and district so much. It will be hard to leave them on Tuesday when we leave for Idaho!!

LOVE YOU ALL!! Keep being the rock stars I know you are:)

Sister Boyce

OH AND PS- is golden. It's free and you can write a letter that will get to me the same day! you can also send snacks.... :)

Sister Miller - Cassandra's companion!

Sister Miller - Cassandra's companion!


Trip to the temple with her district!

Trip to the temple with her district!

Sister Mower - Cassandra's freshman roommate at BYU!

Sister Williams - Cassandra's friend from Boston

Sister Williams - Cassandra's friend from Boston

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