Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 2 in Mountain Home

HEY YALL!! (yes, that is something everyone says out here...hahaa)

I'll keep this week short and sweet with lots of pictures:)

I LOVE IDAHO! AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Seriously, there is nothing like it. I've come to know that when you are focused 100 percent outward, you are the happiest. That's how the Savior lived, and I am striving every day to be more like Him.

I read an article in The Ensign this week, which is the church magazine. It was about living with real intent, meaning that every decision you make is for the right reasons. It's a concept that I've been trying to better understand. When you live purposefully for the right reasons, your life is blessed because you see real results and real changes happening in your life. This week, ask yourself why you are doing what you do and strive to live with real intent. It's a game changer.

Love, Sister Boyce

**Edit from Cassandra's sister, Carly. For some reason, she could only get one picture to load. Hopefully there is more next week :)

Here is my MTC district!! After two weeks together, we were family:)

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