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Forgive me for not writing much the past couple of weeks. Today's email will be a little bit longer to make up for it! :)

TRANSFER UPDATE: Sister Weiler and I will be staying in Filer!! Thank goodness, because we are just getting to know the area!

So you may remember that guy we told you about, our new investigator that we met while we were looking for directions. The three investigators that we have found while being here have all up and moved without telling us... what the heck people. Do you not want to be happy? hahahaa Satan works so hard on people. Once we meet them and they feel the Spirit, he swoops in and causes some huge life change to happen. But I know we left a good and lasting impression! Sometimes, we just plant seeds for other missionaries down the road.

Last week I talked a little bit about how I've become a bit obsessed with studying. Alma 34 is one chapter i've been thinking a lot about recently. It talks about the infinite sacrifice of our Savior. The Savior of the world performed a sacrifice for us that is unending, unlimited, and infinite. It covers all. And as we turn our hearts to Him, we will be able to partake more fully of the JOY that comes from using the Atonement as described in Lehi's vision of the tree of life. 1 Nephi 8 has been another huge focus of this week. As we partake of the Atonement and allow it to strengthen us and uplift us, through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end in faith, we are filled with pure joy and a greater desire to share it with all those around us.

If you've ever felt discouraged, read 2 Nephi 4. This has become another one of my favorite chapters in all of the Book of Mormon. Nephi teaches us what we can do when we become discouraged. Verses 15 and 16 talk about studying and pondering over the scriptures. Verses 19-21 say we must trust in the Lord. In verse 24, Nephi exhorts us to engage in mighty prayer. Verses 28-30 talk about how we can rejoice if we build our foundation on the Savior. And then in verse 32, it talks about how we must humble ourselves and repent. If we follow this pattern, we truly can rejoice and be uplifted!

My heart is filled with so much gratitude today. Not only for the scriptures, but for the members here in our area. We have been blessed beyond belief. Anything that we have been in need of but didn't have the means to get it, has been provided for by the members. I am so grateful for the support we constantly have here and my love for these people is unreal. They are constantly looking outside of themselves to bless the lives of those around them and listen and ACT on the promptings of the Spirit.

One of those families is actually the the Koyles, who we are currently teaching the wife:) This week at their lesson, we taught them the Word of Wisdom lesson. Because God created us and blessed us with a physical body like His, we are expected to live a health code He established. AND THEY WERE SO ACCEPTING OF IT! It was awesome to see how they truly desire to follow the Savior and live the commandments established by His mouthpieces- the prophets.

We have a potential investigator our in the Hollister Branch!! We met with a less active lady, given as a referral from our dinner appointment on Saturday. Her daughter is not a member and was asking us a ton of questions about what we did as missionaries. We talked about our purpose and how we bring others truth that could make them happier. As I thought about that experience the next day in sacrament meeting, I was overwhelmed again by the JOY that is a direct result of seeing the progression of those around us as they come unto Christ. That is what brings us true joy!! I am so grateful for the joy I feel each day as I myself partake of the Atonement and help others do the same!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!

Sister Boyce

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