Monday, February 1, 2016

Opening our Mouths


So this week is another quick emailing session. It has been a CRAZY P-day, but I promise next week I will have my full time on the computer.

This week we got lost. Actually we get lost on the daily here because our GPS isn't updated and I haven't quite figured out Filer's dang grid system yet hahahaa SO we were lost and it was about 830 at night. And there were these two guys standing outside their house smoking. Looked kinda sketch not going to lie. But I learned so much that night. We pulled over and asked them for directions. As we got talking with them, we asked how long they had been in the area and told them we had only been there for a couple weeks. We asked if they had ever seen missionaries before and one of them said he hadn't. He moved here 8 months ago from Missouri and was going to church there but hadn't found one in Filer yet. (SCORE!!) We talked about our purpose as missionaries and we asked if he would want to know more- if he would want to strengthen his relationship with God. He said he would like to and gave us his number...

The story continues... but until next time, just remember that God puts people in your path for a reason. And He has promised that as we open our mouths, they will be filled (D&C 84:85). Ask yourself everyday why God would put you next to the person you are standing in line next to at the store, or those that you meet on your way to work, or seriously anyone in your sphere of influence. There is a reason.

Love you all so much!!

Sister Boyce

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