Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi Family!!

This week has probably been the most chaotic of them all!! Our area covers 3 wards in Filer and 2 branches: Hollister and Jackpot, NV!!! It is the largest geographical area to cover in the mission and whitewashing with all outdated information has been nothing but interesting, confusing, and frustrating. But we have seen so many blessings, especially from the members, since being here.

This one has to be really short today, so I will expound next week, but I already know I am going to LOVE this area!! The two Elders that left, one came out with me and the other came out with Sister Merrell. So super fresh, but some of the kindest Elders I know.

Just remember that through it all, God has a plan. Every situation and every experience is part of His individual plan for you. He never meant it to be easy. He never wanted it to be easy. We wouldn't grow or achieve the potential to become like Him without these experiences. And when it gets rough, we just have to "Look to God and live" (Alma 37:47).

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I am so grateful for yall and for God's plan for all of His children.

Sister Boyce

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