Monday, January 11, 2016

NEW YEARS REVIEW 2 - more pictures!

Ready or not, you get more pictures today:)

^^This was our quaint little street at Sister Parsons after the first snow... normally this is all they get for the year. BOY. WE WERE ALL IN FOR A TREAT.

^^We then all got an ice storm... I've never really seen anything like it. The snow was dusty and straight ice. but it wasn't dense so it stuck to literally everything. We were having a hard time seeing the divide between the sky and the trees.

 ^^And then we got more snow. (Mom I thought you'd appreciate this picture with the barn :))

 ^^The first weekend in December we were hosts for the Creche event!! They have nativities set, filling the cultural hall, and the chapel was open for people to listen to the musical performances. IT WAS AWESOME!! We definitely got into the Christmas spirit:)

 ^^This was one of my favorite nativities. We had them from ALL over the world, but this one was straight from Bethlehem. Pretty cool to see how people in every nation come together at this time of the year to worship the Savior and celebrate his birth.

 ^^Sweet Sister Parsons is so old. So we did some service and helped her put her Christmas tree up!! She wanted a picture of us and the tree but I think she got more of the ceiling than the tree hahaha we love her:)

 ^^MOHO DISTRICT 2.0!! Never a dull day with these crazies. This was our last preparation day before transfers and we always get together to sing the favorite hymns of the departing missionaries.

 ^^We went to the Sister's place for breakfast the last morning together. I LOVE MY MTC COMP. I miss Sister Miller a lot. We learned so much together and she taught me a lot. I will forever be so grateful for her.

 ^^Then we had to say goodbye to our favorite Poly neighbors. They did so much for us while we were at Sister Parson's house. They truly emulate selfless service and are such good friends. (Plus Brother Chung Hee makes some of the most BOMB food:))

 ^^MOVE OUT. man if Sister B's house wasn't just right down the street there is NO WAY we would have made it hahahaa

 ^^This is what we get to look at as we drive to Twin :) an hour and a half of so much beautiful Idaho scenery. This sure isn't Boston, but I guess I'll settle. :)

 ^^This was at the Mission wide Christmas devotional!! TOO FUN! This is my first district leader, Elder Leon from Peru!! He goes home this transfer and is SO AWESOME!! I feel privileged to have served with him my first transfer in MoHo. :)

 ^^And this is my trainer, Sister Anderson! :) Man, I miss her!!

 ^^So, hi. Sister Merrell and I are the same person... obviously we had to get a jumping picture for our Christmas card:)

 ^^This is Sister B's. She literally lives in a life size vintage doll house. I told her I'm going to come back and buy it from her:)

 ^^Sister Merrell after playing in the snow:)

 ^^Kay the next three are pictures of my current district which also happens to be my favorite so far:) We are somewhat dysfunctional so these describe us perfectly hahahaa

 ^^This was after we went caroling as a district on Christmas morning:)

 ^^hahahahahahahahahhahahaaa that's our district leader, Elder Lee in the middle of the parking lot. That's immediately what he did when we said we were going to do a funny picture hahaha. Oh my stars, I'm like crying laughing so hard as I write this hahaha

 ^^We got to spend Christmas dinner with Sister Parson's family and the Chung Hees. It was so fun to spend it with people who have become my family. Whenever we do dinner, Brother Chung Hee brings an extra uke so he can teach me and we can play:)

 ^^And we had to get a pic in our ugly Christmas sweaters we bought at a thrift shop here in town hahaha MAN I LOVE THIS SISTER:)

 ^^and this district is the chillest. We set up tables and chairs all over the gym and had nerf wars!!! These Elders turned into 5 year old boys real quick that day hhahaha IT WAS SO FUN!! (also don't laugh. I can't mug.)

^^and to end this crazy picture chain, THIS. IS. GRACE. She was baptized and confirmed this weekend. She's 14 and the sweetest girl. Her mom is a member of the church, and she has been waiting for approval from her biological dad to be baptized. This day was so special for her as she was finally able to make promises with Heavenly Father that would bless her entire life. She is a gem and has so much light about her. We love her and are so excited for what this means in her life!

^^THIS IS ON SUNDAY AT GRACE'S CONFIRMATION!! (ignore how tired i look... we had ward council that morning hahaha)

Love, Sister Boyce

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