Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW YEARS REVIEW - with LOTS of pictures!!


As promised previously, here are the last four months in review :)

MORE TO COME NEXT WEEK. stay tuned homies. its about to get real.

XOXO Sister Boyce

^^The original district, MTC family, and Sister Hajje's squad.
^^My very first picture once landing in Idaho. I couldn't believe how HUGE the sky was!!
^^FIRST DISTRICT. The original MoHo homies for Elder Flecks birthday on preparation day:)
^^THIS IS GRAND VIEW. I'm falling more and more in love with this country living.
^^And this is downtown GV (Grand View) on a busy day. HA. what is this town.
^^The mountains here are far away, but they are so beautiful. Especially in the Fall when the sun sets and they are purple.
^^This is my favorite lady. Sister Parsons was such a joy to live with the first couple months and I miss her dearly!! She taught me so much about having faith through trials and being positive about everything in life. Sure love her.
^^Celebrating 20 with brownie cupcakes for breakfast. Sister Anderson called Sister Dean to tell her it was my birthday. Man, the people here really are the greatest :)
^^This is definitely something you don't see in Boston... but a super common sighting in Idaho!! TRACTORS ARE EVERYWHERE!
^^Seriously. Celebrating your birthday on a mission is too fun. Had to get proof that I am now really old...
^^One of my favorite memories of Sister Anderson hahahaha She came running in the house one night and yelled SISTER BOYCE I CAUGHT A FROG!! Being from Vegas she had never held a frog hahahaaaa never seen her so happy :)
^^Man, my first district was dope. They made this sign for me and threw a surprise party at Sister B's. Can't say I was super surprised since im with the person planning it literally 24/7 hahaa BUT SO FUN
^^and then we played double dutch :) or at least attempted...
^^AND THEY BOUGHT A PINATA:) (reppin the Y)
^^The next weekend was Rebecca's baptism. We hit some bumps along the way, but it turned out to be perfect. The spirit was so strong and she was so ready and prepared to make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father through baptism. I LOVE HER:)
^^I have to throw this in there because I love flowers and the lighting at Sister Parsons was perfect. We were weekly planning and I looked out the back door and these roses were GLOWING. Man, this earth is so beautiful.
^^LOVE this picture because it's so dysfunctional and perfectly describes us hahaaa Last Pday with the homies:
^^FIRST PICTURE WITH SISTER MERRELL was a fail hahahaaa but I knew from the very beginning that she would be a friend I'd have forever and that we would be able to do a lot of good here:)
^^Found this beauty trekking around base. Had to.
^^In GV (Grand View). She's the cutest:)
^^we had to pull over and move this big guy. LIFE SIZE TUMBLE WEED.
^^My favorite place. Where earth and heaven connect. I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to attend the temple- God's house.

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  1. You're learning to love the Idaho I grew up in!---The distant beautifully shaded mountains, the BIG, BIG SKIES, the country living--equipment in yards, etc. Yes, you don't see tractors on the road in MA and you see very few pickups!
    In what month did you see the glowing rose--September? Love you, Gma B