Monday, June 27, 2016

Byeeeeeee Twin Falls Mission

Another great week serving the Lord here in Twin Falls! It is the last week the mission office is open before our merge with Boise on the 1st! We had to go in to pick up our area books with all of the information for our two new wards and saw them moving everything out to the Idaho Falls Mission Office. It was super surreal and sad. I will miss having a place that we can gather as missionaries and mission staff that really felt like home. It has become a sacred place for all of us.

Something I wanted to write about last week was our thankful prayer day. Instead of humbly petitioning for the Lord's help before our appointments and throughout the day, we were challenged by a member to take an entire day devoted to only giving thanks. WOW. It was way harder than it should have been. We would always start to ask for something and then turn it around to make it something we were grateful for. It definitely started a lot of laughing during prayers because we kept slipping up hahaa But it made me realize how totally dependant we are on the Lord. And how much we truly have to be grateful for.

On the flip side, our two new wards ROCK!! We met one of our progressing investigators in the Harrison ward, the Fahlsing family, and they are some of the most incredible people I have ever met. They just love the gospel so much and feel so blessed to have it as part of their life. She told us her conversion story, and to see where she came from and where she is going is a miracle. Hearts change when we allow the Savior into our lives.

CHRISTIAN IS DOING SO GOOD!! The one that just got out of jail? yeah, he rocks. He even brought a friend to our lesson because he knows that the gospel would help him. Look at him, he's already being a missionary. :) We found out that he is on probation until May of 2017... but if he goes to church consistently for four months, a letter can be written to the First Presidency so that he can be baptized! Our lesson on the Plan of Salvation, we related his probation to our life on earth and it was super cool. From that he had a greater understanding.

Jack and Kaleb are getting baptized on Saturday!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!! Prayers on their behalf would be much appreciated :)

Funny moment of the week: We accidentally called the Zone Leaders as we were climbing the stairs to someones apartment. We heard yelling and thought it was coming from across the street, but it was them on the phone!! hahahahahahaaa it was awesome.

Love you all!

Sister Boyce

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