Monday, June 6, 2016

Change. It's the only constant.

I LOVE SERVING WITH SISTER CHRISTENSEN!! She is from Herriman, UT and is super hard working. Attached is a picture of us under the Twin sign:)

Highlight of the week: We've started teaching Kaleb. He is nine years old and possibly my favorite person on the entire planet. When we taught him about how Christ gave the Priesthood to 12 of his apostles and explained that the Priesthood was the authority and power given from God to His children to act in His name for the salvation of all of His children, his face lit up and his jaw dropped. He was in awe. All he could say was WOW!! He truly understood the importance and the significance of that authority. When it was taken from the earth for a time, because people rejected the teachings of Christ, there was a need for it to be restored. Not until the earth was prepared and people were sincerely searching in a free country could it be restored.

I know that the church we have today is the same organization that Christ established in his short, but powerful ministry. That is the message that we bring to people. Being HALFWAY done with my mission, my hope is that I can continue to share it with as many people as I can. Now and post mission.


Sister Boyce

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