Monday, November 30, 2015

Reason for the Season

Heyo family!!

The Missionary Training Center is now reverting to 3 weeks of training rather than 2 due to the influx of missionaries when the age change happened in 2012! My release date has been pushed back to March 23, 2017!! WOOOO sounds like forever far away, but based on how the first three months have been, it's gonna flyyyyyy.

As it is Christmas time, I've been thinking a lot about the Savior and all He has done for each one of us. It is imaginable. Keep Him in every thought, word, and action. HE IS the foundation of everything we have in this gospel and should be our foundation too. The gospel is perfect because EVERY portion of it is centered on the Savior Himself.

My ponderize scripture is Mosiah 7:33!! I will be more diligent in keeping Him in every part of this work because I know this is God's work!!

Sorry today is another short one! Check out to see what we will be focusing on this season! Discover why we needed a Savior, as an individual and as an entire society.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sister Boyce

Cassandra's Zone

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