Monday, April 4, 2016



My title of this could say it all. I JUST LOVE THIS. I love being a missionary. I love this area and I love these people. I love the teachings of Jesus Christ. I love General Conference and the words of modern prophets. I love the words of ancient prophets found in sacred scripture. I love being able to see the joy that comes into these people's lives as they choose to live the teachings of Christ. I love being separated from the things of the world so that I am able to represent the Savior in all that I do and say. And above all else, I love the Savior and our Heavenly Father.

My mom would tell me that I say "I love" way too frequently. And maybe I did at home, but I tryly do LOVE this great and marvelous work!! I am so grateful for the opportunity and privileged to be part of it!

For those of you that don't know, General Conference is a world wide broadcast from the prophet and apostles that happens twice a year. Their inspired words come directly from our Heavenly Father through the Spirit. I love this article written about what our dear Prophet, President Monson, taught this conference. I'll write some more take aways next week. :)

Besides Conference, it was truly an amazing week. We have seen the Lord's hand increasing our efforts ten fold as 3 new investigators have been placed in our path. Miracles do happen, folks. We've been contacting some former investigators and one in particular who (due to past experiences) has a really hard time trusting males, welcomed us in and is open to learning. She has expressed a desire to be baptized, not particularly in ours, but she sees it as a very important step in her own personal progression and wants to take it very seriously. This area truly was prepared for sisters. Another investigator this week believes more in science than faith and has a lot of questions. But he is open to learning and asked us how we know what we know to be true. And as we were talking about that, he asked us, "Well, so then what is the next step?" Sister Weiler and I rejoiced. That was one of the happiest moments. The third investigator found us. We were walking back to our car after a dinner appointment and a lady was walking through the neighborhood with her daughter on their way home from the park. She yelled to us and asked if we were the sisters. We walked over to her to find that she had been looking for us since she moved into Filer. She was taking the missionary discussions in Twin but stopped because she couldn't be baptized while on probation. We talked with her, gave her a Book of Mormon, testified of Christ, and set an appointment to talk with her and her fiance this week. I love this area and I love being a missionary! Our daily prayers to find those that have been prepared are being heard and answered as we continually show our faith.

Miss you all! Thanks for your constant support and prayers! Keep me updated on all your crazy lives:) Love you all!

So many happy days ahead-
Sister Boyce

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