Monday, August 8, 2016

"Grandma Jo"

Tuesday was a hecka rough day. People didn't want to talk to us, all of our appointments canceled, and we talked to a lot of people filled with SO MUCH hate. It made my heart so sad. But then Wednesday came. And we went to visit Grandma Jo. She has been a member for a year and a half now and is working towards the temple!! She's in her late 80s, but we can't figure out her birth date... neither can she hahaa she's losing it a little! But she was an answer to my prayers after Tuesday. She said "When you girls come here, my house is full of cheer, and it makes me feel good." Grandma Jo, that's because it's the Holy Ghost! There are a lot of other churches that go to see her because of some things happening at her apartment complex, but she always says that we are her "real" girls. I love this woman so much.

We helped the Fahlsings move out on Thursday... Super sad for us, but happy for them! They are moving back home to Washington with family. And they are moving into the stake where their current Bishop's son is the Bishop there!! Talk about tender mercies!! These are people that have quite literally left an imprint on my heart. They will be in my life forever!!

We went to the temple with Jack on Saturday to watch him do baptisms!! That was such a special opportunity. At our lesson with him on Sunday, he told us that HE HAS DECIDED TO SERVE A MISSION!!!!!! We knew he'd come around! So I'll be back in a year to go through the temple and for his farewell!!  :)

Love you all and so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve! Thank you for helping me get to this point! Helen Keller once said, "Keep your face towards the sunshine and you'll never see the shadows." That light is Christ. And as we turn to him, we will always be able to find the positive in life. :)

happy days ahead,

Sister Boyce

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