Monday, August 15, 2016

Miracle Monday

Last Monday two of the districts got together and went out to Shoshone Falls!! Man, it's beautiful!! Rumor has it's taller than Niagara Falls! (Pictures on their way!!) We then went over to Dierke's Lake and since we cant swim, played games on the field. I love these missionaries. They all just make me want to be a better person :) SO MUCH FUN!

We had a super blessed Monday night. Our lesson with Polly went really well and I'm still picking up all the gospel signs! We bought whiteboards too so that any words we don't know how to sign, he can teach us. Even though my signing is less than inadequate, Polly was so patient with me. As I bore my testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration, I talked about how much I loved this church because it brings me closer to Christ. I bore my testimony about how it is the church that has all of the truth. He truly wants to know. And the only way we can know for sure is through study and sincere prayer.

Our next lesson was with the Brown family, who are less active. Their daughter Lillian is 8 and wants to be baptized! They've been inactive for so many years though, that we are teaching her the basics so she can be baptized. We walked into their house and there was just something different... We asked them how their reading was. AND THEY READ THE TWO CHAPTERS WE GAVE THEM!!! Oh man, THAT made all the difference. The Spirit in their home was in greater abundance and their 14 year old daughter who is a typical teenage girl and always super resistant and defiant when we come, VOLUNTEERED TO READ!! I love this family! Sister Brown thanked us for coming. She can see the difference it is making in their family. They are happier. And they are happier because the Spirit is in their home.

Love you all!!

Happy Days Ahead,
Sister Boyce

 ^^The Sisters <3
Sister Christensen and I :)

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  1. Thanks for the update! Great to see you have having a wonderful experience!