Monday, August 29, 2016


Hi y'all!! Another great week here in the promised land!! I seriously don't ever want to leave this area or my companion!!

This week's weekly planning session was around a campfire... not a literal one though hahaa because missionaries can't do that. BUT WE ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS!! AND MADE SMORES!! Ahhh it was so fun! Sister Christensen LOVES s'mores so it was necessary hahaa

Eli Jensen's baptism was on Saturday!! NO BAPTISM EVER GOES FLAWLESSLY!! Gahhh Satan likes to play games on those days... But it's all good! Because he was still baptized! The Lord's work will always go forth! We were all there and ready to go and 15 minutes before it started, the people to open the closet to get his white clothes were still NO WHERE to be found!! We frantically called anyone we knew that had a key to the closet... no one answered. So instead, our Ward Mission Leader, Elders Quorum President, and the person to baptize him BROKE IN!! hahahaa they first tried with a card and that didn't work. So they tried taking off the hinges. That didn't work. Then they found some random tool in the church to push back the bolted door!! hahahaa I told Eli that this was one he definitely wouldn't forget! Sometimes I think those set backs and bumps just make the occasion all the more joyous! :) I have never seen Brother Jensen so happy!

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a super bomb week!

Happy Days Ahead
Sister Boyce

 ^^Our ward mission leader when we got the closet open hahahahahahaaa

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