Monday, September 5, 2016

I live in a dream

Hi. Yes. I am living in a dream. Where all of your investigators want to be baptized because their hearts have CHANGED and their desire to follow Christ deepened.

We will start with Dan the man. Because that might be the only person we get to in this email.

DAN NEWHOUSE! The investigator every missionary hopes for and I didn't know really existed until we met him!! HE'S GOLDEN! He has been coming to sacrament the last three weeks and reading the Book of Mormon and decides to live in accordance with the laws of God BEFORE we even teach them. On Tuesday, Sister Christensen taught him with another Sister. And he asked about baptism!! So she said we would prayerfully pick a date. The next day, we just stopped by (because he loves daily contact!!!) and when he opened the door i was SHOCKED. Light has been a theme on my mission. And he had SO much light. I thought about the first time we met him. My eyes filled with tears because this change of heart is not just deep and internal, but has affected even his appearance. We set a date with him to be baptized on October 8th!! He just has to stop smoking (went from 20/day to 2 this week!!!) and he's good to go! He is even paying tithing even though he is not a member... because he knows that it is a law that was taught anciently and should still be practiced today. He loves the Savior. It is so evident every time we see him.

We also picked up a new investigator in YSA this week!! His name is Max and his girlfriend is at BYUI and his best friend is just about to leave on a mission!! He is great and loves learning. We also set a baptismal date with him for October 15th!!

Brother Wilkersen, the nonmember husband of Sister Wilkersen who has been less active, ALSO told us that he will be baptized this week!!

God is so good. He works mighty miracles. I am grateful to have this opportunity to be an instrument in His hands everyday.

happy days ahead!!!!!!
Sister Boyce
 ^^Temple with the NORTH ZONE!! and Sister Bartlett. She's our favorite.
^^All three of us hit one year! My companion and District Leader, Elder Jensen!!

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