Monday, September 12, 2016

never want to ever leave...

I seriously feel so blessed to be serving in this area with Sister Christensen. Today we were supposed to get transfer emails, but it hasn't come out yet... AND ITS KILLING ME!! Our area is literally on fire and probably the best area to be serving in for sisters. And for that I feel so honored to have been able to serve here for as long as I have. Our hope and prayer as a companionship is that we will stay another transfer, but we were really lucky last time.

We had a super blessed week. Four investigators have a baptismal date and are really progressing!! Dan is still and WILL ALWAYS be the highlight of my week!! :) His very nature is changing. They way that he sees himself and others. It's incredible to be a part of. He has super bad anxiety, so he has had a hard time staying for the second or third hours of church, BUT THIS WEEK HE STAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! He loved Gospel Principles class. After he said "Hey! You got me into this mess, now you gotta get me out of it!!" Apparently, he had come to the church building over an hour before our ward met so that he could turn in his tithing to the Bishop. But he was unable to find him hhahaaa so we walked down to priesthood so he could hand it in. NOT EVEN A MEMBER YET AND PAYING HIS TITHING. He has a valiant spirit. and is one of the elect.

We were able to set a baptismal date with Brother Wilkersen this week for October 22nd!! His wife is a less active member. We love teaching them. When we extended the date, he got SO EXCITED!! I've never seen him so animated! "Yes!! Alright!! Let's put it on the calendar!!" It was such an exciting moment for all of us!

We also chased a lady in her motorized wheelchair down the road... A Recent Convert/less active Sister Christensen worked with in her first area in Twin!! She was bumbling along and crossed our path as we were driving. We ran down the street and she wouldn't stop!! She explained that she couldn't stop and that her chair was just about to die and she was ALL the way on the OPPOSITE side of town... story to be continued!

We were blessed by the presence of Elder & Sister Lawrence and Elder & Sister DeFeo of the 70 for two days straight. It was our mission tour week and missionary leadership council! I am so grateful for inspired men. That we believe they are called of God and set apart. There will be a lot of changes in our mission because of his visit I am sure. And it came perfectly for the last 6 months!!

Love you all!! So many happy days ahead! :)

Sister Boyce

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