Monday, September 19, 2016


Transferred to BOISE CENTRAL!! I am serving in two wards in the Boise West Zone: Colehaven and Bitteroot wards in the Boise Central Stake. My companion is Sister Ludrick, who came out my transfer in Twin! She is from Pohnpei Island in Micronesia! People were shocked when I was with Sister Christensen because Boston seems a whole lot farther than Herriman, Utah hahaha but there's no comparison now!! hahahaa She is awesome and we are so ready and excited to build up this area! One of my Zone Leaders, Elder Udall, was actually my district leader in the MTC!! I'm super excited to be serving with these great missionaries and many from the original Boise Mission!

As promised, I will finish the story of Sister Knight and her motorized wheelchair... We decided to walk with her to her friends house on Jackson (which was forever far away) to make sure she got there safely because she can't walk. So if her chair died, I don't know what she would have done!! We get down to Jackson and we couldn't find her friends house... haha the only person we know on Jackson is BROTHER NEWHOUSE!! hahaha so we decided to stop there and see if he could give us a hand. He is always so willing to help and can fix just about anything. Sister Knight was like "Is he a nice man or a scary man?" This basically just describes Sister Knight hahaha While her wheelchair was plugged in and charging, we read from the Book of Mormon out of 1 Nephi 3 where Brother Newhouse is. Because of his past drug abuse, it makes it really hard for him to read and stay focused and even harder to remember things. But he LOVES to read because he says it makes him feel so much better. And because of his reading, he has experienced this "paradigm shift." The way he thinks about everything is so different now. Man, I miss him. But I am excited to meet more prepared people like Dan here in Boise!

Love you all!!

Sister Boyce

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