Monday, September 26, 2016

"The Gospel is being spread to all the world!!"

Another week down here in Boise Central!! I've been thinking a lot this week about the power of God's word. With The Book of Mormon reading challenge we are doing as a mission, I have been able to feel the power that flows from this book. I had the opportunity to share my testimony yesterday on this subject because one of the speakers was sick. I know that God loves us so much that He has provided His word and has made it possible for both the Bible and Book of Mormon to be translated and distributed in so many languages. We were able to witness a baptism of the Elders who taught a lady that speaks Karen and is from Burma. The Gospel is being spread to all the world!!

This week we truly saw a miracle. Ever since I got into the area, we've been praying to find a family of five. This was something the sisters before me had felt prompted to find. Because of our faith and the faith of the EQP who visited the Bowens this week, we found our family. The Bowens may be a split family, the mom and dad are divorced, but two of their three kids are old enough to be taught and baptized! We are excited to be teaching them!!

Love you!!
Sister Boyce

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