Monday, October 3, 2016

"I love conference and all the many answers I received to prayers...."

I am so grateful for the opportunity and blessing it is that we have to hear from our dear Prophet, President Monson, and the Apostles twice a year at General Conference. It is scripture for our day!

I LOVED the talks on member missionary work :) and the MTC choir. oh man. my heart. I cried. I love conference and all the many answers I received to prayers as well as silent pleas. I KNOW God knows me and loves me. He is my Heavenly King! I will sing praises to Him every day of my life. I know He lives! And His love is so clearly manifest through our Savior. I know that He lives and I will strive to come to KNOW Him as Elder Bednar taught (below) more and more every day:

"We come to know the Savior as we do our best to go where He wants us to go, as we strive to say what He wants us to say, and as we become what He wants us to become. …

… Believing Him with our whole soul comes as we press forward along the covenant pathway, surrender our will to His, and submit to His priorities and timing for us."

Oh I found out my release date...March 1. It makes me so sick to think about. But I know that it is what God wants for me. He never intended for this mission to last forever! But He did intend for it to change me to the point where I can serve Him forever!!

From Elder Yamashita:

"What does it mean to “be ambitious for Christ”? Being ambitious for Christ means being motivated, focused, and dedicated to His work. Being ambitious for Christ will seldom mean that we are singled out for public honor. Being ambitious for Christ means that we serve faithfully and diligently in our wards and branches without complaint and with joyful hearts."

Happy Days Ahead!!
Sister Boyce

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