Monday, December 12, 2016


Since my email last week was super short this is my email to President last week:

"This week, Sister Ludrick and I saw SO MANY MIRACLES!!! The flame in our area has been lit and because of our prayers, the prayers of our district, bishops, ward mission leaders, families, and YOU, but most of all a loving Heavenly Father, has enabled away for those that are prepared to be placed in our path. One of our four new investigators in our area, Amanda Brant, was a referral from one of her family members. She looked confused when she opened the door but happily invited us in when we said we had received her name and a note that she would like to be taught by the missionaries. We did some solid how to begin teaching and then introduced the Restoration as we shared the Christmas initiative. Tonight we will be going back to teach the restoration in full and commit her to be baptized on January 14th!!

Another lady, who we have not yet met with, walked into church yesterday by herself. Her brother is a member and she found and came to our sacrament meeting all on her own doing. I am so grateful for the members that were in tune and talked with her to be able to direct her to us. Needless to say, we are so grateful for this area and the many many miracles we have seen.

Sister Ludrick and I are doing super well too. I will be very sad if we are transferred. But I know that it is wherever the Lord needs us most! Thank you for inspiring us to be better each and every day. Personally, I am working on improving my skills as a teacher with a focus on extending more powerful invitations and lovingly following up."

This week has been a little more rough... BUT TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!

Remember Dan? The one I talked about EVERY week when I was serving in Twin? YEAH. HE WAS BAPTIZED AT THE END OF NOVEMBER. I cried literally all MLC when Sister Christensen ran in and told me that he had been baptized. She showed me this picture and told me shed crop me in :)

I LOVE THIS WORK!! I am so grateful that I'll be living so close to come back to visit those that I have truly connected with. Connected spirit to spirit. That is when hearts are "knit together in unity and love."

happy days ahead!!
Sister Boyce

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