Monday, May 9, 2016

Missionaries Don't Date...

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Enrique was dunked!! This kid is just so great. He gives 100% to the Lord all the time. He told us after his baptism that he really appreciated everything people did for him on "his big day" but in all reality, he said it was truly just the Lord's day. He is so humble. So much better than I ever will be.

LAUGHED HARDEST WHEN: Sister Nelson and I asked one of our investigators to go on a "date" with him... Obviously we were kidding... but we just wanted to see how he was doing. His family isn't very supportive of him and there is a lot of contention in the home. So he likes to meet with us other places. He didnt understand that missionaries dont date hahaha he got a kick out of it. BHAHAHAA I laughed SO HARD!! HAHAHA his response was "Wait should i bring someone with me...?" lollll


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