Monday, May 2, 2016

D&C 20:37


Today, I am going to tell a story.

I am so grateful that I am serving in Twin for the sole reason that it is where the temple is. On Thursday, our investigator in the YSA ward, Enrique, was really struggling. We met with him and because of his depression, he asked for some space.

Sister Nelson and I were heart broken. So many prayers were offered in his behalf. Our faith was truly being tested.

On Friday, he texted us and told us that he didn't want to give up anymore and asked when we could meet with him. We planned to meet him the next day at the temple. Obviously we couldn't go in with him, but we walked around the temple grounds and talked about what goes on inside and the importance of the work that is done there. The Spirit on those grounds was SO STRONG. He could feel it. It is the best when investigators realize that what they are feeling is the Spirit, because that is what truly converts!!

A few days before I had gotten here, Sister Anderson and Sister Nelson extended a baptismal date with him for May 7th. As we walked around the temple, we reviewed the baptismal interview questions. Enrique is a super bright kid and really relies on the Lord. He said that he was still waiting for a confirmation whether or not he should be baptized on the 7th. We bore our testimonies of what it meant to me to take upon ourselves the name of Christ. We invited him to pray while he was there on the grounds, but he still left uncertain.

I don't know what changed, but he texted us later that night. The text is attached. I don't know how he found this scripture, but D&C 20:37 is what we as missionaries use as the qualifications of baptism.

The Lord will always answer our prayers!!

Sister Boyce

Note from Carly: Here is D&C 20:37 -->  "And again, by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism—All those who humble themselves before God, and desire to be baptized, and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and witness before the church that they have truly repented of all their sins, and are willing to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins, shall be received by baptism into his church."

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