Monday, May 23, 2016

"We see miracles every day."

Today's going to be a quick one:)

This week started out right at the temple. I just love the temple and know that it is truly the House of The Lord. There is so much peace there. Even on the grounds.

Enrique is doing better this week and more people opened their doors! Our zone conference was awesome about our purpose as missionaries. And exchanges in Filer was the best!! I just love it there. Some of the people I was privileged to see there made me cry because my love for them is so great. And it is amazing to see the changes that take place in people when they turn their heart and their will to Christ. We saw miracles that day. We see miracles every day. Some small and otherwise insignificant to other people, but they are there. Even just running into someone with a Patriots hat so that we could start a conversation. :)

happy days ahead :)
Sister Boyce

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